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K9 training specializing in basic to advance obedience, behavior modification, bite building and personal protection.

Daisey & Loki

Having gone through several trainers in the area, Pacwest K9 was a breath of fresh air. Finding Gina gave my husband and I lots hope in our dogs. I apologize in advance for the novel!

My husband and I have two young Rottweilers strong working dogs who really needed proper training as we were not enough to get them where we wanted them to be. 

From our previous experience, the last trainer told us in other words that we should consider putting down our 1.5 year old or find another home for him where he would be completely isolated. Word for word, they said that there was no fixing him and that he has no emotions. I felt differently. 

I did not want to give up or let someone tell me that I had to put my dog down or give him away. My husband came across Pacwest K9 and when we met Gina, I was blown away. When we told her what happened, she was confused as to why they would even suggest putting our dog down and that there was a way. She knew exactly what we needed to do, answered all of my questions and concerns. Immediately I felt comfortable and from that a weight was dropped off of my shoulders. Gina is all about balance training, rewarding your dog and making them work. She is an expert when it comes to teaching your dog obedience and how to work on your dog's behavioral issues. 

With our problem dog, we saw instant improvement. I am kicking myself wondering why we didn't find her sooner. With the type of breed we have, I find it very necessary to go to a trainer who is all about positive reinforcement, but to also teach the dog that there are consequences when they are misbehaving. Not only does she understand dogs and how to really work and train them, she actually teaches us!!! Her dogs are very well behaved, which shows me she really knows what she's doing.

My husband and I learn something new at each class and Gina is great at giving us the tools to help train our dogs when we're not with her and what to do in difficult situations. Walks have been more fun, less stressful and we also feel a lot more confident. Gina also helps you bond with your dog and build a strong relationship with one another. Her group classes are awesome. Obedience training is consistent and we are always testing our dogs in a controlled environment.

For any of you out there who are feeling hopeless or are not learning the right tools, Gina is truly amazing! I promise you will not be disappointed. Gina also boards at her home which is fantastic! I wouldn't trust anyone else. The dogs get lots of play time, some training and walks. They aren't just left in a kennel or crate all day. She also sends pictures and videos, which is always nice when you're away :)


- Jamie, Josh & Daisey, Loki

1418 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405
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